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Living Will Form Georgia

Living Will Form Georgia


A Short Summary of Living Will Forms Georgia

In 2007, the state changed living will forms Georgia. Now, instead of having separate documents, one for living wills and one for the durable power of attorney, these two documents have been combined into one, called an Advanced Directive. The law has a grandfather clause to keep older living will forms Georgia binding, but you should also remember that an advanced directive can do all the same good for you that a living will form Georgia can, and even more. Rather than worry about the additional complications provided by the new law, you should enjoy the privileges afforded by new living will forms Georgia and learn more about what they can do for you.

Part 1 of the Living Will Form Georgia

The first thing that a living will form Georgia will ask you to do is name your health care agent. This person will make all of your important health care decisions if you become unable to because of your illness. Since most of your decisions should already be dictated by the living will form Georgia, the health care agent’s job is essentially to enforce the living will. Most health care agents are family members or loved ones; they cannot be your health care provider. 

Remember that naming someone your health care agent gives them access to all of your medical files whenever the living will form Georgia becomes active. You may put some restrictions on your health care agents abilities, as you see fit. You will also be able to name two alternative health care agents if your primary one becomes unavailable.

Part 2 of the Living Will Form Georgia

The second part of the living will form Georgia stipulates those terms of treatment which we normally consider to be the blunt of the duties of a living will form Georgia. First, you will list those conditions under which your living will form Georgia takes effect, principally if you want it to take effect if you have a terminal condition where medical treatment will only buy you a short amount of time, or if you are in a state of permanent unconsciousness. 

After this you will list your treatment preferences. Various conditions will be named and you will state whether you A) want your life extended as long as possible, B) want to die a natural death, or C) have special stipulations which limit but do not entirely restrict the medical treatment you want to receive.  

If you are with child, the living will form Georgia will normally become invalid. The only exception to this is if the fetus is not viable, in which case you still need to show a special request in the living will form Georgia that you want your living will to be carried out.

Part 3 of the Living Will Form Georgia

This is an optional section in which you can dictate who you’d like to have guardianship of you in case the court decides this necessary.

Printing and Signing Your Living Will Form Georgia

Your living will form Georgia must be signed by two witnesses, neither of whom are your health care agent and at least one of whom will not stand to benefit from your estate. The state of Georgia provides sample copies of living wills. Print one here.