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A Background on Probate Codes

A Background on Probate Codes


Probate Background Code

Probate laws can be confusing, specifically when it comes jurisdiction situations between two states. That is why the Uniform Probate Code was adopted in 1969 in order to provide for a more structured and overarching set of rules and regulations that could be applied to all states. However, since 1969, only sixteen states have approved all of the regulations of the UPC.

Texas Probate Code

Texas Probate Law provides for a distinct set of legislation regarding all legal probate matters. These probate laws may not coincide specifically with the Unified Probate Code, though there may be some similarities. Texas Probate Code deals with aspects such as the probate process, making a will, and intestate succession.

California Probate Code

California Probate Code may differ from the Uniform Probate Code, at least in some aspects. One of the main areas of concentration regarding California Probate Code deals with inheritance, and how such a situation is to be handled in accordance to the state's laws and regulations. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact probate lawyers.