Florida Probate Forms

Florida Probate Forms

Florida Probate Forms
All About Florida Probate Forms
It is no secret that Florida probate is a difficult and involved legal procedure. In fact, many experienced attorneys will tell you its one of the most trying procedures in the state because of its detailed requirements that can easily stretch out for more than a year. There is one tip that all these attorneys will gladly divulge: stay on top of your Florida probate forms.
Along with the fees and taxes associated with probate, Florida probate forms are one of the most reviled elements of the process. However, they shouldn’t be feared since they can easily be mastered and filled out, while not filling them out on time can lead to innumerable penalties. Visit your district’s court to get a full list of the dozens of Florida probate forms that you may need to fill out, and rely on the court’s information above all. In the meantime, survey this list to get an idea of what Florida probate forms may be required of you.
Estate Forms
Unfortunately, the state of Florida has not yet made their Florida probate forms regarding estates available online, so you’ll have to visit your district’s probate court to get them. The upside of this is that there are so many Florida probate forms, and they can vary so much from district to district, that it can be greatly beneficial to visit your nearest Circuit Court and make sure that you’re getting the best and most up to date information.
If you want something at home to help you keep your Florida probate forms straight, there are some checklists which make clear which forms are available and when you will need them. Check out the checklist for formal testate estate probate right here.
Guardianship Forms
Thankfully, there are more Florida probate forms available online regarding guardianships available for Orange County. Guardianships are another important duty of Circuit Courts, so these Florida probate forms should not be ignored. Here are a few:
Application for Appointment as Guardian Advocate
This is an application to serve as a legal guardian advocate for an individual who may not be capable of caring for their own livelihood, such as person with a physical or mental disability. This Florida probate form requires detailed information about the filer’s personal history. Print it out here.
Notice of Hearing
All interested parties, such as parents or children, are entitled to know about a guardianship hearing. They can be notified using this Florida probate form, which must be filled out according to Florida state law. Print it out here.
Order Appointing Guardian Advocate
Once a legal guardian advocate is chosen, they will be served with this Florida probate form, certifying their status as the legal guardian of a person unable to take care of his or her self. You can print it out here.




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