Letters Testamentary At A Glance

When an individual dies, the remains of his/her estate will be distributed to loved ones. This is often done following the specifications of a will, or a document that an
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A Brief Overview of Intestacy

IntestacyWhen an estate is classified as being intestate, the owner of the estate has died prior to establishing a legal will. As a result, an administer must be appointed to
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Primogeniture Defined

Primogeniture refers to the superior rights of a first born child, especially in terms of inheritance. In many locations throughout the world, this long practiced custom was actually written into
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What You Should Know About a Disclaimer of Interest

When an individual dies and he/she has now created a will prior to death, his/her estate will be divided following the laws of intestacy. Therefore, certain people will be entitled
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Intestacy at a Glance

When an individual dies without creating a legal will, he/she is granted an intestate status. Intestacy occurs when there is
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Protecting Your Children with a Testamentary Trust

An individual who has children may wish to establish a testamentary trust, so that in the event that he/she dies, the funds that are left to his/her children are handled
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